Atlas Venturez has changed to Atlas Family Office in order to avoid confusion with Atlas Venture Inc, USA

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Atlas Engines of Success

Building asset management companies in today’s environment is not easy.  We work alongside fund managers to create significant value beyond the expected resources you may expect from family offices.  Whether you are starting an accelerator, early stage fund, a growth equity fund or a buy-out fund, we believe we can help and provide guidance.  

Whether through our insights into new or emerging markets, innovative partnerships and business models, or leveraging our global networks, Atlas is distinctive in its value to fund managers.  We support a few challenging areas of the fund manager’s eco-system.  Our spikes are in Co-Investing, Fund Raising, Proprietary Deal Creation / Sourcing, Value Creation and Value Harvesting (exits).

We leverage our collective networks to help your portfolio managers and enterprise leaders to succeed through insight, connections and co-investments in adjacent areas. 


We prefer to co-invest with families and corporates who can provide expertise, drive and connections to supplement ours.  We are hands on in our approach to investing and value creation.   Ideally partners provide geographic on-the-ground capability, functional enterprise building expertise and next-step connections.     

Fund Raising

Once we commit to fuel your asset vehicle, we will help identify and support in finding other fuel stations to join us in our mutual journey of growth and hopeful prosperity.  We will help you access both institutional limited partners and family offices, at the decision making level.  Most importantly most of these groups invest with us, respect us or share values, so having us sitting across the table will help generate good-will by association.  We still expect you to represent your fund ethically, and with clarity of progress, success and differentiation. 

Deal Creation & Sourcing

Leveraging proprietary networks and relationships to either source or create diamonds in the rough.  We also bring a number of very interesting folks – futurists, scenario planners and trend-mappers to share their views of the world to come.  Our partner AMC managers tend to find this intriguing, distinctive and spice for thought.  Often new diamonds are formed.  More interestingly, having a long term asset developer and fellow-entrepreneur of standing alongside you may be the difference between hopeful thoughts and valued outcomes.

Value Creation

We have significant experience and skill in building and scaling highly successful enterprises and assets across multiple industries and geographies.  Combined with a deep hunger to succeed and a desire to leave footprints in the sands of time, we leverage our engines of enterprise success to create world class assets of significant value.  We will continuously open doors for your portfolio companies and as Atlas is rewarded on outcomes – we are all-in on making our babies and children a success. 

Value Harvesting 

Amongst the rarest skill developed by multi-generating operators and successful business houses is the ability to harvest value by exiting an enterprise.  We have a track record of highly lucrative exits across our families and investments.  We have a mindset set of supporting enterprise growth towards specific value milestones, where they unlock and project significant value to specific target audiences.  Further as a family office, we sometimes can help bridge access, productive conversations and time frames between you and strategic investors, funds, other family houses, secondaries and corporates.  We will help you exit your portfolio.  For distressed assets (and let’s be honest, all portfolios will have some), we will help with positioning the enterprise to appropriate alternative partners who may be able to unlock unrealized value in a manner where beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  We mutually seek long-term aligned partners, and aspire to grow old in great company…smiling and more successful.


Atlas takes a holistic view to supporting portfolio companies and partners.  Sometimes, the Serendipity of the Universe works Magic.  We invite you to share good-will and see if there are things you could help people we invest in, respect and share time with.  Finally if there is something enticing in our portfolio – we welcome you to help us grow, exit and smile Image result for smile

 Help us make the World Smile Image result for smile