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We understand that this is your baby. Your enterprise is precious – it is all about making your dreams reality. Sometimes our child needs the right type of influence and experience to blossom and grow rapidly, sometimes circumstances and perspectives dictate the pace of growth, and sometimes our children fall ill, and needs specialist care to nurture them back to health.

Atlas helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams accelerate their enterprise growth and value. With significant entrepreneurial and operating experience across a range of geographies, industries and sectors we have insightful perspectives and networks on what it takes to succeed significantly and more importantly work with our sleeves rolled up. Our skill lies in supporting enterprises through a structured series of short programs of value creation and value harvesting with a view to build your organizational muscles, leadership team capability and add engines of growth to your organization. Our programs are typically created and customized around a series of interventions encompassing soft capabilities and hard outcomes.

We are distinctive in the manner of design and execution, and prefer to be judged on outcomes.

Working together involves three preliminary steps, understanding your objective function (mission success criteria), hard-coding the boundary conditions (scope) and understanding the market, enterprise culture and organizational capability (diagnostic base line).

We then identify and align three candidates who will own the program within your organization – an internal high-potential member who will focus on the growth, partnering and strategy aspects of the enterprise, a program owner from the Atlas eco-system and an external advisory board member who has successfully grown an organization with an outstanding track record in an aligned market and  geography. We believe this combination will help you deliver on your current operational realities of the business while building serious strategic and organizational capability within the enterprise.

Our programs typically leverage a series of engines of success. 

  1. Focusing on Critical Strategic Priorities
  2. Performance Management & Team Alignment
  3. Business Development and Strategic Alliances
  4. Building Future Supply Chains
  5. Delivering Milestones and Outcomes

 Our program is ideal for high growth prospects and organizations entering new markets. 

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