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Families are good people in complex systems. Family Offices provide structure to orchestrate, safeguard and unlock value within Families across Generations. Our frameworks operate with an objective function of creating high performing and wealthy families in a productive, performance-driven and robust manner while reducing the emotional tension, stress and risk typically involved in such sensitive aspects of multi - generational family planning and management.

Working directly with families and as partners with other reputed family offices, Atlas seeks to provide distinctive growth, investment, knowledge, legacy and wealth creation opportunities.

We work with families and their offices around a range of aspects, ranging from 

  1. Planning Legacies and Family Charters
  2. Wealth Creation and Management
  3. Proprietary Investment Opportunities
  4. Issue Resolution and Mediation
  5. Governance and Family Boards and Trusts

We conduct our business in a straightforward, outcome oriented and sensitive manner. 

We respect our families’ confidentiality, privacy and trust.